What Makes a Good Poker Chip?

You have a game with the guys every month and you wish to spice up the action a bit. What can you do to achieve that? You can have a wonderful poker table. The table can have a tremendous slick material so the cards can ‘fly’ better. The chairs can be actually ‘cozy’ and adjustable for height. The cards can be plastic material and nearly unbreakable. What’s remaining? The poker chips.

Poker chips vary in both weight and material types. Poker chips can range from what you may have played with as a kid, up to the 15-gram chips that are the heaviest you can get. Basically, the cost of the chips will vary with the weight of the chip and its material, plus the design on the chips.

Yes, you heard correctly, the design on the chip. Today, with the W.S.O.P. and the W.P.T having become so well-liked on Television, poker exploded across the world. In doing so, it is available to everyone everywhere. But along with the acceptance, casino supply companies and discount casino gear warehouses have popped up all over the place to help the open public satisfy their thirst for poker.

So, if you are looking to update your poker game with the boys, or you run a poker room, chips can help make your game a ‘class act’. You can put your own name on the chips, the company’s name, or any name you like. With that in mind, there are many different designs on the chips and the best way to find out is to shop them and narrow down the one you really want. Then you have to choose what weight chips you want to use.

Usually the higher gram you choose, the better quality poker chips you will get. Normally, the 100% clay chips are the best, but they are also the most high priced. An all clay set of chips at the 15 gram weight would be the most high-priced. When you throw in customization with your own logo or name, or both, and you can have a pretty expensive chip set.

Also the weight is where the ‘casino feeling’ comes from. Heavier chips feel more like you are actually playing in a casino. So the best thing to do now, is to go online and check them out. Just remember, the heavier the better, put a simple design on them for ease of reading, and get a case to keep them in. Google casino supply locations or discount gaming gear locations to find which you want.