Video Production Editing Walkthrough: Short Comedy

Found this video when stumbling, and I must say, it’s great!

We aren’t looking at the entire production process so it’s hard to determine what the editor had to work with (obviously this video is very well done through all phases). Let’s assume that the editor had lots of work, which is probably true! Some of the things I noticed, from a video editing standpoint, when watching it where the following:

  • The editing is consistent with the story and type of video. It’s a comedy but intended to relay a serious message. The editor selected the ‘line-up’ scene to be an intro to the entire video. The shot of the line-up and pan to the two gentlemen (not sure who they represent, let’s call them ‘interviewers’), was a summary of the entire story. The line-up, the shot of the two men, and the good-o-meter behind it – the whole story at the beginning.
  • I like the short length of the clips and the constant change of shots from the ‘interviewers’ to the ‘interviewees’. It highlights the dialog aspect and helps the reader ask the question ‘what’s the outcome going to be?’ The shots also personalize the situation for the audience by using this technique – which is no doubt inline with the purpose (especially the shots that looks between the interviewers with the interviewee in the middle as the focus of the shot.)
  • It goes without saying that the audio choice for video was perfect! Elevator music! Nothing could have been better for the mood and intention of the video. Did you notice what the editor did with the volume levels….
  • Along with the music, obviously the sound effects (buzzzzz, woooop wuuuupp) are inline with the story. You can really see how the story, purpose, and type of video permeate into all aspects of the production and editing process.
  • Notice the clip duration. The longer pauses on the sarcastic face of the interviewer, this forces the audience to question “are they really good enough?”
  • Brilliant uses of the J and L cuts. A J-cut is where the editor changes the audio before the video, the opposite is true for the L. The editor uses these well in the interviews. The intention of the interviews is to give the feeling of ‘one after the other’. This continuous flow is what the J and L cuts are designed to do, so take note when you can only hear an interviewee complaining as they are being escorted to the side while you are actually looking at the interviewer as he shouts ‘next!’ Very well done.
  • Again, the clip duration came into effect when, buzzz, “but I did”…”baptized”…buzzz. This contraction and speed up of ‘interviewees’ was very powerful as it led to the climax…
  • The shot with only a hand holding the folder, leading into the zoom out shot to see ‘who is this important person’ was very well done and inline with the purpose.

On the whole I thought the video and message were great. So, are you a good enough video production editor? Then tell me why…

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