Very Controversial Video Production Editing Software


Strolling through internet land I found evidence of some software, not sure if it’s available to us yet, but quite frankly, it looks like it will be extremely controversial! In fact, I found three! This article will deal with one of the three, I’ll post about the others later.

The first is concerned with, ‘facial attractiveness’ – need I say more? Basically this video production editing software makes, less attractive folks look a little more appealing. It is used in still shots, but the way I see it, what happens to a photo can make its way into a video. This means us less attractive folks can be movie stars! We’ll have paparazzi chase us every day, be called anorexic, bulimic, fat, skinny, accused of taking steroids, laughed at because we need steroids….you get the picture. Anyway, back to the topic.

Believe it or not, there is a science behind this software. Apparently there are statistics to show why people perceive one person more attractive than the other. The software focuses a lot on shapes and uses statistical analysis to determine the most attractive shape in frontal photographs while still retaining a close enough similarity to the original photo. The changes are actually extremely subtle, but I have to say, it works! Whatever your opinion on the ethics of the software, it is REALLY cool! Check this out, the pic on the left is the original:

The software also uses techniques that have been around for a while, however it improves upon them. Facial features from other photos can be extracted and placed on the desired photo, allowing a seamless integration from many different faces onto a single face. Nip tuck here, cut and paste there, BAM! A new you! Oh wait, what’s this…oh shucks, their database only has Caucasian profiles thus far and so while the technology could help a brotha’, they ain’t sho’ yet (my ebonics kicking in).