Google acquires Omnisio to perk up YouTube


According to Omnisio’s website, Google has just acquired the small company, brained by Stanford techies, that allows users to edit – in simple ways – their favorite videos. The platform also gives users the ability to create video compilations and in video comments.

The business model seems to be based on a more social approach to video production where viewer editing makes up a large portion of their success – no wonder Google bought it. Viewers can also select a portion of their favorite video and post it on their profile page or personal blog.

Let’s say one of you were to post a video on YouTube and ask us to put it up on this blog for others to see. I’m guessing that the video production editing blog community here will be able to make comments to the video itself and offer feedback at specific reference points in the video. It can also accommodate slides, which apparently has been very beneficial for training and presentation type videos.

Maybe the uses I mentioned above might offer some neat features, time will tell I guess.